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Spanish  Cultural & Language Immersion Programme (Spanish CLIP)

Spanish  CLIP is a programme aimed at teenagers who are studying Spanish and offers the opportunity to live and study in a Spanish speaking environment for a week in the capital, Madrid. The programme runs from October to May. Working with schools in the UK (eg. The John Roan school in Greenwich, London)  it offers the following:

  • Spanish classes everyday  with a native Spanish teacher)
  • Visits to places of cultural interest (musuems, art centres etc)
  • Accomodation with a Spanish family,  sharing evening meals/ breakfast with them. Students will stay with a family who have children of a similar age to the placed teenager. Host family accomodation is centrally located
  • The programme is for 7 days. The language school is located centrallly in Madrid, near the famous Real Madrid Bernabéu stadium.

Students will be recording their stay on a daily basis via a personal blog (in Spanish) which they will post everday via our media partner (englishwarehouse.com).They can also share the blog on their Facebook page if they wish. This serves two purposes. Firstly it encourages them to "activate" their Spanish in a practical way, recording their daily experiences and thoughts. Secondly thier family & friends back home  share in their progress.

The students will be accompanied by staff from their own school in the UK during the whole visit.


At the end of their stay, students will have:

  • Improved their level of Spanish
  • Have a greater understanding of Spanish culture
  • Gained confidence in their social skills
  • Made new Spanish friends who , hopefully, they can maintain contact with/invite to the UK







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Spanish CLIP is a programme aimed at UK teenagers who are studying Spanish . Stay with a local family whilst studying and having fun in the Spanish capital Madrid!